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The Many Glorious Benefits of Metal Roofing

Due to its various benefits, metal roofing is becoming more prevalent in residential areas. Metal’s impressive strength and durability makes it the ideal foundation for any roof. If you need metal roofing in Madison, WI, seek out a contractor and secure an enduring roof for your home.

A Roof Built to Last

Not every roof is made to last. Some of them wear down after only a few years, and homeowners are forced to replace them. This is not the case with metal roofs. They are robust, capable of withstanding the effects of time, weather, and other brutal forces. Once installed, metal roofs have a lifespan of several decades. Rarely do they need repairing or replacing.

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When people think of metal, they envision a gray, unsightly material that they would never want adorning their home. However, metal roofs are far from ugly. Contractors tailor a roof to match the exterior of a particular house. Rather than detract from a home’s appearance, a metal roof has the potential to improve it. There are several roofing styles available to customers. When you want metal roofing in Madison, WI, you can simply discuss your options with a contractor and obtain the most appropriate looking roof for your home.

Additional Benefits

There are a wide range of other advantages associated with metal roofs. Some additional benefits include:

  • Fire and wind resistant
  • Energy efficient
  • Good for the environment
  • Adds resale value to a home

The roof is one of the most important aspects of the home. In addition to being readily apparent to passersby, it affects the structural integrity and energy efficiency of a house. A shoddy roof carries a range of negative consequences. When homeowners invest in metal roofing, they obtain a long-lasting, beneficial product.

Those seeking metal roofing in Madison, WI should contact a contractor and discuss their options. Available in a multitude of styles and designs, metal roofing makes a strong addition to any home.

Metal Roofing Insulation: A Must-have for Reducing Energy Demands

Metal Roofing Reduces Energy DemandsMetal roof insulation will not only reduce the energy demands of your home but it will save the earth and reduce global warming. Metal roofing insulation will keep your home warm in Wisconsin winters, cool in the summer — and significantly reduce your utility costs. Contact Metal Roofing Systems for an estimate on an entire roof or the best insulating materials. We serve Southern Wisconsin including Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Stoughton, Waunakee and other communities.

Three Types of Heat Loss or Gain
Buildings lose or gain heat from a combination of the following three ways: conductive, convective and radiant. Metal roofing is the most conductive roofing material among the common roofing material choices. Conductive heat loss, however, is the least significant contributor to the total heat loss or gain of a building. Learn about environmentally friendly roofing materials and be sure to “go green” with roofing products from Metal Roofing Systems.

What is R-value?

Metal roof insulation “R-value” is a measure of thermal resistance, or resistance to the flow of heat, of an insulator. In general, the larger the R-value, the more effective the insulating material is.

There are different types of metal roof insulation to choose from for residences and other structures. The best choice for you will meet your insulation needs and fit your budget.

Basic Choices for Metal Roofing Insulation Materials:

  • Fiberglass batt insulation is the itchy stuff most people are familiar with. It’s your least expensive choice.
  • Rigid board insulation is a more expensive option. It’s easy to work with and has a high R-value per inch.
  • Bubble insulation is not reliable.
  • Radiant barrier insulation can be used in conjunction with thermal insulation or independently.
  • Spray foam is a large-scale version of what comes out of a can. Fire retardant can be added to the mixture.

Metal roof insulation materials are a green solution to reducing your heating and cooling costs. Be mindful of any health hazards associated with the material you are considering. Check the manufacturer’s MSDS for known health concerns and protection.

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Raised Seam Metal Roofing Tops Them All

A strong demand for raised seam metal roofing has emerged within the residential sector — in both new, and retrofit projects — as architectural standing seam systems are used now more often than traditional structural systems. More than 2 billion square feet of standing seam metal roofing is installed annually in the United States, a figure that continues to grow each year.

Raised Seam Metal Roofing — Aesthetic and Tangible Benefits

As an aesthetic element, the standing or raised seam metal roof is hard to beat with its range of colors and environmentally friendly, long-lasting materials. But, there are a host of other benefits as well.

Thermal Resistance
Fiberglass blanket insulation is installed over the existing roof surface to reduce energy costs and dampen noise; Foam insulation blocks can be used between the roof panels, roof deck, and substructures to prevent thermal loss.

Thermal Movement
The standing seam system features an innovative concealed clip fastening method that enables the metal roof panels to move independently or float over the sub-structure.

Ease of Installation
In many projects, the standing seam metal roof can be installed without having to tear off the existing system.

Adding Slope
Another major advantage is the ability to create slope with the use of a sub-assembly system. The extra space created by the sub-assembly also provides a convenient area for adding insulation.

Fire Resistance
Standing seam metal roofing panels are considered to offer a low fire hazard and carry a Factory Mutual Class A fire rating (the highest in the industry), which can substantially reduce building insurance rates for the homeowner.

Maintenance Free
The raised seam metal roof’s minimal maintenance requirements contribute significantly to its favorable life-cycle cost. It will not rip, tear, puncture, shrink, creep, slip, blow off or burn. Nor will it be sensitive to ultra violet degradation or chemical contaminants such as grease and compressor oils.

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7 Good Reasons to Buy Metal Slate Roofing

Slate Metal RoofingThe most popular choice in roofing material has always been shingles, so more and more homeowners are considering metal slate roofing with its popular, environmentally friendly materials for many reasons. Metal Roofing Systems offers some of the best systems on the market and we install residential roofing and roofing for houses of worship/churches (and flat metal commercial roofing) throughout Southern Wisconsin.

One of our most popular styles is the Oxford Shingle, which is a metal slate roof with a “Kynar/Hylar” finish, and is available in many colors.

We’re often asked what the benefits are to purchasing a metal roofing system for a home, business or house of worship, which is why we put together the following list.

7 Good Reasons to Buy a Metal Slate Roof

  • Slate metal roofing materials are natural and abundant
  • A slate metal roof has a classic, elegant and beautiful appearance
  • Metal slate roofing can be formed, styled, printed, colored and stamped to match the look of your home and its architectural style
  • Slate metal roofing is energy efficient, saving the homeowner up to 40% on their energy cooling bills
  • Metal slate roofs are completely low maintenance other than removing debris on the roof from storms
  • Metal slate roofs are durable and can stand up against the elements; Low temperatures, lots of moisture, direct sunlight and high winds do not have much of an effect on slate metal roofing
  • Slate metal roofing will last as lifetime … up to 50 years or more so you get a great ROI (return of investment)

Metal Slate Roofing Outlasts Asphalt Shingles

Even those in the metal roof industry will admit that, on average, metal slate roofing can initially cost significantly more to install than asphalt-shingled roofs. Conversely, you should also consider that in the same 50 years of having one slate metal roof installed, an asphalt roof would have to be replaced at least 3 times. For this reason alone — in the long run — a slate metal roof could actually save you money.

Modern slate metal roofing styles range from more traditional metal panels and shingles to metal that is made to look like tile or wood. It comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Whatever the architectural design of your home is, there is slate metal roofing that will compliment its appearance.

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Historical Preservation of Churches by Metal Roofing Systems

Adding a new metal roof is one of the methods used in the historical preservation of churches. A beautiful metal roof that lasts a lifetime will add beauty to your church building(s) without compromising the original religious structure’s integrity or the architect’s ecclesiastical intent. It will help you achieve your congregation’s historical preservation goals.

There are many aspects to consider when re-roofing with a metal roof for historical preservation of churches, such as lifecycle, cost, quality and maintenance.

Lifecycle Costs
A metal roof is the only roof your church will ever need during the lifetime of the current congregation. It can last from 50 to 100 years. Our metal roofing options are durable as well as attractive. It is widely accepted that virtually all of today’s metal roofs will offer decades of nearly maintenance-free service. Therefore, it is not hard to understand that some metal roofs on historic buildings, including churches and other houses of worship, have performed well for more than a century.

With such a wide variety of metal roof products, there is literally something for every price point. A metal roof costs averages somewhere around $6.50 per square foot and up, depending on the manufacturer’s brands, and the complexity of the roofing (gables, eaves, various angles, domes, steeples, etc.), but there are truly metal roof options for every budget. And, Metal Roofing Systems will work with your congregation throughout the entire bidding process and we will gladly answer all of your questions regarding materials, decking, frames, installation and other costs.

Thanks to the excellent reflectivity and emissivity ratings that can be achieved with paint finishes, many metal roofs offer true cool roofing properties that equates to great energy savings—even with darker roof colors. When installed correctly, metal roofs do an excellent job of standing up to the elements, as verified by RICOWI field reports conducted after Hurricanes Katrina, Charley, and Ivan, and the 2004 hailstorm in Oklahoma City.

Barring removing tree limbs, possible punctures, leaves and other debris left by storms, there is essentially no maintenance.

Your historic preservation of church buildings can be easily achieved by adding a new metal roof from Metal Roofing Systems. Our metal roof will enhance your house of worship in ways you never thought possible. Moreover, an investment-grade roof coupled with our historic preservation programs provides your religious building with eternal beauty, everlasting protection and long life.

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