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Why Metal Roofing May Be a Great Pick for Residential Properties

There are many different kinds of materials that can be used for the roof of a home, but there are also many reasons why metal roofing can be an excellent option to choose. Some homeowners never consider options other than the traditional shingles, but they may very well be missing out on something great. Metal roofs can have a positive impact on a home’s curb appeal. They can also help the homeowner save a lot of money thanks to the way this material is fire resistant, long lasting, and highly energy efficient.

Although the residential metal roofing industry is growing fast along with demand, it is still more common to see homes topped with asphalt shingles. Those who want their home to stand out for its beauty can have a metal roof installed and cause their property to stand out for its uniqueness. Even when you choose to go with metal, there are a lot of options awaiting you in terms of style. For example, you can choose between rustic shingles, Oxford shingles, and Country Manor Shake in a variety of colors.

Some people worry that installing metal roofing costs more than installing other types of shingles, but it is important to also consider the return on investment you can expect to experience with the various materials. For example, metal roofs are highly energy efficient when done right, and the resulting energy savings can really add up over the years. Plus metal shingles last far longer than any other type, meaning that your roof will not need replacing nearly as soon if it is metallic.

While it might not be considered a traditional feature for residential properties, metal can make a great roofing material for many homes. The numerous options in shingles made of this material makes it easy to give your property a gorgeous, unique look, while things like durability and energy efficiency mean that the roof can pay for itself within a few years.

Metal Roofing Installation For Churches

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

You Can Put Your Faith in Our Metal Roofing Installation for Churches

Why do houses of worship put their faith in us and our metal roofs? Because Metal Roofing Systems has name recognition in Madison, Milwaukee, Stoughton, Waunakee, Racine, and other communities in Wisconsin for providing superior metal roofing installation for churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, and for historical preservation projects for congregations.

Our Metal Roofing Installation for Churches Will Last for the Lifetime of Your Church Building(s)

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Metal Roof Benefits

  • If your church is considering new metal roof installation or historical preservation, we recommend our metal roofing due to the following benefits:
  • It Passes the toughest Hail Test UL 2218 Class IV
  • It Is Fire Resistant.
  • It Passes the 110 mph Wind Driven Rain Test.
  • It Passes the 150 mph Wind Uplift Test.
  • It Is Energy Efficient – 34% less heat gain in the summer.
  • It Sheds Snow.
  • It Is Low Maintenance.
  • It Lasts a Lifetime.
  • It Saves the church hundreds of thousands of dollars in roofing expenses over the lifetime of the church; instead of replacing asphalt roofs every 15 or so years, our roofing will last a hundred years or more.

A Metal Roof from Metal Roofing Systems Is Both Beautiful and Durable.

We Are Here for Your House of Worship

We know that buying a new metal roof, and subsequently installing that metal roof, is a major investment for a church congregation or board. Moreover, we are aware that cost is always an issue among non-profit organizations, but we believe we can justify the cost to your satisfaction. We specialize in metal roofing installation for houses of worship, so we gladly work with your church leadership throughout the entire bidding process; and we will readily provide all cost and material information for your purchasing consideration. Our goal in installing metal roofing for churches is to provide a beautiful roof that not only will appreciate the value of your church building(s) and property, but also will last for the lifetime of the church.

We Specialize in Metal Roofing Installation for Churches. Contact Metal Roofing Systems Today to Place Your Order

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Metal Roof Installation Instructions

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Easy Metal Roof Installation Instructions

Metal roof installation instructions will give you the techniques you need to construct a metal roof accurately. The following information will let you learn how to install metal roofing. You will need to obtain for the roofing materials first. Learning and understanding the metal roof installation procedures will then enable you to follow the process in a stepwise manner.  Attend Our DIY seminar to learn about roofing installation.  Of course, Metal Roofing Systems will gladly offer homeowners a metal roof estimate in Madison, Milwaukee, Stoughton, Waunakee and other Southern Wisconsin communities.

Metal Roofing Systems’ Metal Roofs Are Easy to Install and are Environmentally Friendly

Materials Required

  • Flashing
  • Ladder
  • Nails
  • Coating layer
  • Metal roof panels/shingles
  • Metal snips
  • Wooden stapler
  • Counter flashing

Check Out Our DIY Program for Metal Roof Installation Instructions

Basic Instructions on Roofing Installation

  1. First, determine the type of roofing you want and then procure the metal roofing materials accordingly. Interlocking metal roofing systems, panels, metal shingles, etc., containing all the essentials are available at roofing supply companies, such as Metal Roofing Systems.
  2. Place the ladder firmly on the ground and attach it to the roof. Wear non-slip shoes while climbing the ladder.
  3. Remove existing roofing materials. The shingles can be easily loosened with chisel and hammer. Take them out and then replace with new ones or metal shingle systems.
  4. The entire roof base is then covered with a roofing paper, tacked in place with a wooden stapler.
  5. The perimeter of the roof is edged with the metal, which comes along with the standard kit. The edging is nailed across the metal with a hammer.
  6. Now each panel is laid across the frame of the roof. The panels are overlapped with the next (2-3 inches) with a hammer. Spacing is approximately 1 foot.
  7. Steel/tin/aluminum snips are cut out according to the size of the panels and roofing dimensions. They are interlocked with the base of the roof.
  8. Trim kits and flashing materials are then installed over the panels for the shiny effect. This step completes the metal roofing installation process, usually followed by do-it-yourselfers who want to install a metal roof in the most cost effective way. Installing a metal roof yourself has never been easier.

We Specialize in Metal Roof Installation and Instruct Do-It-Yourselfers (DIY’ers) How to Install Their Own Metal Roof.  Place Your Order Today from Metal Roofing Systems.

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Metal Roof Insulation

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Metal Roof Insulation Is a Must-Have


Metal roof insulation will not only reduce the energy demands of your home but it will save the earth and reduce global warming. Metal roofing insulation will keep your home warm in Wisconsin winters, cool in the summer, and significantly reduce your utility costs. Contact Metal Roofing Systems for an estimate on an entire roof or the best insulating materials – we serve Southern Wisconsin including Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Stoughton, Waunakee and other communities.

Learn About Our Metal Roofing Insulation from Metal Roofing Systems

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Three Types of Heat Loss or Gain

Buildings lose or gain heat from a combination of three basic ways: Conductive, convective, and radiant. Metal roofing is the most conductive roofing material among the common roofing material choices. Conductive heat loss, however, is the least significant contributor to the total heat loss or gain of a building.  Learn about environmentally friendly roofing materials and be sure to “go green” with roofing products from Metal Roofing Systems.

What is R-value?

Metal roof insulation “R-value” is a measure of thermal resistance, or resistance to the flow of heat, of an insulator. In general, the larger the R-value, the more effective the insulating material is.

Contact Our DIY Program to Learn How to Install Metal Roofing Insulation

There are different types of metal roof insulation to choose from for residences and other structures. The best choice for you will meet your insulation needs and fit your budget.

Basic Choices for Metal Roofing Insulation Materials:

  • Fiberglass batt insulation is the itchy stuff most people are familiar with. It’s your least expensive choice.
  • Rigid board insulation is a more expensive option. It’s easy to work with and has a high R-value per inch.
  • Bubble insulation is not reliable.
  • Radiant barrier insulation can be used in conjunction with thermal insulation or independently.
  • Spray foam is a large-scale version of what comes out of a can. Fire retardant can be added to the mixture.

Metal roof insulation materials are a green solution to reducing your heating and cooling costs. Be mindful of any health hazards associated with the material you are considering. Check the manufacturer’s MSDS for known health concerns and protection.

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Metal Roof Ridge Cap

Friday, May 13th, 2011

How to Install a Metal Roof Ridge Cap

Professional or DIY Roof Ridge Cap Installation

We are going to show you how easy it is to install a metal roof ridge cap because metal roofs are now a commonly used roofing material, which will make them a desirable choice when you have to replace your next roof. Metal roofing systems consist of only a few major components: roofing panels, flashing and roof ridge caps. The roof ridge cap is mounted along the top ridge of the roof structure, and is designed to join the materials on different roof surfaces. The metal roofing ridge cap is the last part to be installed, and requires the same equipment to install as the rest of the metal roofing panels.

Contact Our DIY Program to Learn How to Install Metal Roof Ridge Caps in Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Stoughton, Waunakee or Nearby Towns from Metal Roofing Systems

Equipment You Will Need:

  • Electric drill
  • Roofing screws (2-inch)
  • Metal roofing ridge caps

Top Quality Metal Roofs in Many Styles and Colors Are Available at Metal Roofing Systems!

Easy Directions

  1. Set a metal roof ridge cap panel at the end of the ridge of the roof, making sure it overlaps the metal roofing panels by about 2 inches (unless otherwise noted in roofing panel specifications).
  2. Drive metal roofing screws into the panel, about 1 inch from the edge, and 12 inches on center.
  3. Work your way down the rest of the roof ridge, overlapping ridge cap panels about 2 inches over the previous panel, and fastening as done in Step 2. Overlap the final panel as much as necessary to line up its edge with the edge of the roof. And you’re done! Good job!

We Specialize in Training DIYers to Install Their Own Metal Roof with Metal Roof Ridge Caps.  Place Your Order Today from Metal Roofing Systems.

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