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Is Metal Roofing More Noisy in Rain or Storms?

Metal Roofing in Madison & MilwaukeeWe’ve often been asked if the noise level of a metal roof is greater than the noise level of a traditional asphalt shingle roof.

Our metal roofing designs have taken this consideration seriously. Metal Roofing Systems installs textured metal roofs with grooves that help channel water for drainage, and to deaden the sound of rain, or even hail associated with strong rainstorms. Learn about the advantages of metal roofing over asphalt shingle roofing.

What kind of noise levels can I expect from a residential metal roof?

• Under normal construction, installation noise is no more objectionable than traditional methods — noise levels are comparable to these techniques

• Our textured residential roof systems actually help reduce the noise from rain, even in heavy rainstorms

• Our rugged, textured roof systems reduce “sound-board” resonating effects you might expect with a traditional metal roof or flat metal roof

• Our deeply textured folds in the roofing system nearly eliminate any “pinging” sounds common with older commercial roofs

Learn more about Metal Roofing Noise and Specifications

Our residential and commercial metal roofs can withstand thunderstorms, strong winds, heavy rains and hail with comparable noise levels for traditional roofing. Our metal roof systems reduce noise commonly associated with older flat roof styles (particularly flat commercial roofs). Additionally, sound levels in larger buildings with our metal roofing are comparable to traditional roofing designs. Learn about our IB Flat Roofing System.

Roofs Made to Withstand Wisconsin Weather

Generally, metal roof noise associated with other weather conditions is less as well. Other benefits or advantages of our metal roofing include the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions including high winds, thunderstorms and hail.

• Wind tests on our metal roofing systems are laboratory-tested to withstand 120 mph winds; the roofs should withstand winds up to 200 mph

• Our metal roofs have the highest H-4 impact resistance rating for hail up to certain sizes; with our rugged, deeply textured roofs, hail noise be reduced

• Interlocked metal roof systems and shingle systems are tightly locked to prevent leakage; you should not have any noise normally associated roof leaks

If you are a “Do It Yourselfer” installing our roof system, please contact us about attending one of our seminars. You can also contact Metal Roofing Services customer service team with questions, or for more details about the various metal roof solutions we offer. Our number is 855-678-ROOF (7663).


Residential Metal Roofing — Watertight, Interlocked Shingle Systems

Metal Sheet Roofing Installation Services

Residential Metal Roofing provides a durable, long-lasting solution for houses, apartments and other residential buildings. Metal Roofing Systems provides all the parts, interlocked shingles, metal panels, framing and installation services for residents in Milwaukee, Madison, Waukesha, Janesville, Stoughton, Middleton, Waunakee — and suburbs and towns throughout southern Wisconsin. Metal residential roofing provides “beauty for life,” and when properly installed the roof will last at least 100 years!

Durable, Permanent Metal Roofing Solutions

There are many metal roofing solutions to choose from to suit your home’s aesthetic —all of which are professionally installed by Metal Roofing Systems. Our durable, permanent roofing systems, although initially more expensive than asphalt roofs, are an investment that pays off over time. Asphalt roofing deteriorates over several years and requires maintenance and replacement of your entire wood frame roof about every two decades.

To follow are some details on a few of our more popular metal roofing solutions:

Country Manor Shake Style — known as interlocking shingles, roofing panels, metal residential roofs or roofing systems, the Country Manor Shake Style is designed to emulate roof shingles, but with the advantages of interlocked, watertight construction that prevents leaks and resists high winds. These metal roofing shingle systems are elegant, improve the value of your home, provide protection from the elements —and are designed to last for decades (no need to replace shingles or repair a shingle roof).

Country Manor Shake Style metal roofing also:

  • Increases the property value of your home
  • Avoids ongoing roofing repairs associated with asphalt shingles
  • Is available in various styles and colors including Aged Bronze, Buckskin, Copper Patina, Dark Charcoal, Fairway Green, Musket, Slate Gray, Tile Red, Weathered Wood, and White Shingles — all designed to meet a wide range of architectural styles
  • Review our metal roofing photo gallery for images of various interlocked shingle roofs and metal residential roofing

Rustic Shingles — some of our most popular styles, these shingles are textured and designed to meet many classic styles of residential architecture. Metal shingles are investment-grade and designed to simulate asphalt shingles, but you will not have to worry about replacing shingles every few years as these shingles are a permanent solution for your roofing.

Oxford Shingles — elegant, simple designs and colors simulate classic, slate roofing. these interlocked shingle systems are quick to install, and are a low profile aluminum panel system made of thick aluminum panels. These shingles are available in a wide variety of colors and are ideal for a permanent, weather-proof roofing solution for your home

GridLock 15 Premium Aluminum Standing Seam — these aluminum roofing systems simulate clean, contemporary roofing and architectural styles. Available in a variety of colors they poses a “standing seam,” and rust-free aluminum alloy panels are easy to install and have hidden stainless steel fasteners.

Additionally, our metal roofing systems are more energy-efficient than traditional roofs. Many of the styles are reflective and designed to lower cooling bills as much as 20-25% in summer months. All materials are also recyclable.

Contact Metal Roofing Systems for more information. We serve Madison, Milwaukee and other nearby suburbs throughout Wisconsin. Our toll-free number is 855-678-ROOF (7663).


Installing a Metal Roof Over Shingles

How to Install Metal Roofing Over ShinglesInstalling a metal roof over shingles is usually an option for our residential and commercial customers in Milwaukee, Madison and throughout southern Wisconsin. Two main factors that allow Metal Roofing Systems to install a metal roof over an existing roof are the condition of the current roof and any local ordinances. Some roofs are in such a poor state, that it may be necessary to tear off the roof first, but this is fairly rare occurrence.

Professional Roofing Contractors for System Installations
Installing a metal roof over shingles (asphalt or newer paper-based shingles) is a complicated task. Experienced carpenters or handymen may have the skill for a large DIY (do-it-yourself) project. If this is the case, we recommend attending our seminar on how to install metal roofing (prospective customers are welcome) from Metal Roofing Systems. If you choose to hire our roofing company to install your permanent metal roof, then there are several services you can expect:

• Full consultation on whether your circumstances are suited to your current asphalt roof (repair or replacing with a similar roof), or if you would actually benefit from a metal roofing system that can last for decades — for the next generation of a congregation, or for a long-term solution for a flat commercial roof

• Provide answers to all bid or estimate questions regarding the cost of a particular roofing system, as well as labor costs

• Give a full assessment of the options of installing a metal roof over shingles (directly over the existing roof) or indicating the likelihood of a complete roof replacement

• Complete the entire metal roof installation quickly and effectively to guarantee you have a leak-proof system that will last decade after decade

• Ensure that all work is done to the agreed upon specifications and ensure that your metal roof system is installed according to local ordinances and state requirements

Learn about our metal roofing system options by reviewing our photo gallery. We offer many options that will fit your architecture and style. Learn what our customers have to say about having a metal roof installed over shingles, and their opinion of the process and product.

Feel free to contact Metal Roofing Systems anytime with questions, or for more information. Our toll-free number is 855-678-ROOF (7663).


Standing Seam Metal Roofs and Metal Shingles

Metal Roofing is Seamless Standing seam metal roofing is very popular right now. It is the most commonly available type of metal roofing and, once homeowners begin to do their research into metal roofing, they quickly find a variety of standing seam products. They may like its looks, or maybe they find it looks too commercial, industrial, or even agricultural for their neighborhood.Many folks, though, when they research standing seam, actually end up with what we call through-fastened or exposed-fastener metal roofs. They are not standing seam roofs. By definition, standing seam roofs come in continuous lengths, have hidden fasteners, and have some mechanism built-in that allows for the metal’s natural expansion and contraction during thermal changes.Through-fastened metal roofs have screws right through the face of the panel. Those screws try to hold the panels tight and have no flexibility for expansion and contraction. The screws have a rubber or neoprene gasket or washer to help allow water from entering at the hundreds or thousands of screw holes on the roof. They work well at first but, after a few years, homeowners will find the screws have worked loose, broken, or the washers have cracked.Again, through-fastened metal roofs are not standing seam roof. These corrugated types of products have overlapping panels rather than interlocking panels. That can be another area of water infiltration. Being used extensively in agricultural markets, through-fastened products are increasingly being used residentially. In many cases, we’re concerned that homeowners are not getting the metal roof they think they are getting. We often hear homeowners and even contractors refer to these roofs as standing seam roofs. They are incorrect. One additional concern is that, because they compete in the highly competitive agricultural market, many of these products are produced from lower quality metals and feature lower quality finishes.

Metal shingle roofs come in a variety of profiles from wood shake to slate to wood shingle to tile, as you can see on our website. Most homeowners “oooo” and “aaaahhh” over the beauty of these roofing systems. They tend to complement any home and neighborhood very well. Most of them have hidden fasteners as well as higher quality base metals and finishes.

Oftentimes when folks see the metal shingle roofs, they assume they are more costly than standing seam metal roofs, because of their increased aesthetics and assumed increased complexity. While every roof can have its particular nuances that affect final cost, compared to a high quality standing seam,  metal shingle roofs are usually very similarly priced or even lower priced. This causes homeowners to often say things like “Wow, I had no idea that I could all have that for the price of that.”

For more information on standing seam and other metal roof profiles, please contact Metal Roofing Systems.