Metal Roofs: Why They are the Superior Option

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The next time you reach out to your roofing contractor in Milwaukee, WI, for a roof replacement, don’t just get the same old shingles you’ve grown used to. Instead, take the opportunity to upgrade your standard asphalt shingle roof into something more efficient, durable and stylish – a metal roof. While these roofs have only become really popular in housing design in recent years, they’ve long been the preferred material for practical homeowners everywhere. There are several reasons why these roofing materials are simply better than others, including:


When it comes to strengthening your home’s efficiency, you can’t take a bigger step than working with your roofing contractor in Milwaukee, WI, to install a metal roof. The materials used to create these structures are excellent at reflecting UV rays away from your home. This keeps the interior of your home cooler, meaning your AC unit doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the interior cool, therefore causing you to use less energy overall.


Perhaps the most impressive aspect of metal roofs is their unparalleled durability. On average, roofs made of tin, copper, steel or another material are expected to last as long as the home it’s fitted on, and generally about 200 percent longer than the average shingle roof. This means you can enjoy your roof longer without worrying about maintenance and replacements.


The only reason metal roofs weren’t popular until the past few years was simple a lack of style. However, the modern metal roof you’d be receiving from your contractor can accurately imitate any other style and material out there. Therefore, you can get the traditional appearance of a shingle roof without having to deal with the lack of durability and efficiency.

These are only a few reasons why metal roofs are the superior option for homeowners looking for an upgrade. Talk to your roofing contractor in Milwaukee, WI, to learn more about this product and how it’ll fit with your home.

Why You Should Speak With Your Roofing Contractor About Metal Roofs

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Many homeowners are hesitant to get a metal roof over their home. The thing commonly cited as the reason for this is the fact that metal roofing tends to cost more than other materials upfront. However, if you speak with any certified roofing contractor  in Milwaukee, WI, then you will likely learn all about the benefits of metal that make it a worthwhile investment.

No Need for Repairs or Replacement Any Time Soon

Metal roofing is highly resilient. The materials stand up tough to hail and other pieces of debris. That means you will not have to worry about your new roof wearing down any time soon. Due to this durability, metal roofs can last as long as 50 years, which is nearly twice what you will find with other materials. Metal roofing costs more initially, but you save in the long run because you will not have to get a new roof for several decades.

Perfect Whether You Plan on Staying or Moving

After a perfect installation from a roofing contractor in Milwaukee, WI, your metal roof will last a long time. This is ideal for homeowners who plan on staying in their homes for a while because they get to fully use their investment. However, in the event you end up moving in 10 years or fewer, getting a metal roof will still come in handy. Metal roofing adds resale value to a home, and many prospective buyers will see that addition as a major perk. Potential buyers may even be more willing to make an offer because they know that roof is going to last for a couple more decades.

Ultimately, you want the best for your roof. Metal makes your house look beautiful, and you will not have to worry about it again for a while. If you want to know more about, meet with a roofing contractor in Milwaukee, WI soon.

4 Ways to Choose a Great Roofer

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If your roof needs repair or replacement, you might be in an emergency that needs immediate attention. That’s especially true if you have a leak or your home is exposed to the elements. Finding a good roofing contractor under these circumstances can be difficult. It isn’t, however, impossible. When selecting roofing contractors in Milwaukee, follow these four simple tips to find the best roofer for your job.

Work with a Reputable Company

The most important factor in choosing a great roofer is to work with a reputable company. You don’t need to find a fancy service, but you should find one that generally does good work. Ask for references or check online reviews. Also, try to find a company that has been in business for a while. If your roof comes with a warranty, you want to be sure the service is still around to honor it.

Require Specific Experience

When choosing roofing contractors in Milwaukee, consider the style of your roofing materials. While some roofs are relatively easy to install, others require considerable experience. If you have unconventional materials, extreme architectural elements, or other complicating factors, be sure to find a roofer that has experience handling those challenges.

Ask for Insurance

Even the best roofing companies occasionally make mistakes. If your roofer does, you want to be certain the financial investment you have in your home is protected. Requiring your roofing contractor to carry adequate liability insurance will give you peace of mind.

Demand Permitting

Some roofing projects do not require the contractor to pull a building permit. Others do. Make sure your contractor completes your roofing job correctly and legally. That includes having the roofing work inspected.

Choosing from the many roofing contractors in Milwaukee can be difficult in a roofing emergency. By following a few simple suggestions, any homeowner should be able to find a great contractor.

Reasons to Ask Roofing Contractors About Metal Roofs

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You have numerous options as far as the material goes for your new roof. You should ask roofing contractors in Milwaukee, WI about all the choices available. However, one option you definitely want to ask about is metal roofing. There are numerous perks to this material, and it can be helpful to learn more about it before reaching a final decision.

It Is Resilient

Other types of roofing have the potential to crack, rot or break apart prematurely. You do not have to worry about that as much with metal roofing. The fact that your roof is made out of metal means the rain or snow is not going to damage it. It is entirely possible your new roof will last for decades before you need to even consider getting a new one.

It Is a Selling Point

You may not be planning on moving out of your home for many years, but it is never too soon to start thinking about resale value. Metal roofs have been popular, and they are likely going to stay that way for a while. As roofing contractors in Milwaukee, WI are telling you all about the benefits of metal roofs, the only thing you need to think about is how those benefits are going to sound to a potential home buyer. When the time comes to sell, you have a major feature to your home that captures people’s attention.

It Is Energy Efficient

A huge reason why metal roofing is desirable is the fact that it is energy efficient. It does a great job of reflecting heat coming from the sun. This naturally insulates your house, so you spend less on HVAC costs. You are bound to notice a difference once it is installed.

There are numerous reasons Why metal roofing should be sought. Even if you have a different material currently, ask a contractor about how metal compares to what you have already.

When Should You Contact a Roofing Contractor?

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Are you concerned about the possibility that your roof may need to be replaced? If so, you might wonder when the time could be right to call a roofing contractor in Milwaukee, WI. Getting your roof repaired or replaced might be especially important if your home has experienced storm damage, if you have noticed signs of moisture in your attic, or if you have simply decided that it is time to invest in a new roof.

After a severe storm has passed by, you will generally want to inspect your roofing for signs of possible damage from hazards such as hail and high winds. Try checking the surface of the roof itself for cracked or missing shingles. Also, look in your attic to see if you can find any visual indications that water may have begun to enter your home through the roof.

You should likely call a roofing contractor in Milwaukee, WI, whenever you notice indications that your roof might be damaged or worn out. Certain types of roofing will only last for a certain span of years before needing to be replaced. Watch out for signs that may indicate your roof has outlived its intended lifespan. A professional inspection may help you identify the current state of your home’s roof.

If an expert has assisted in determining that your house’s roof is in need of replacement, you will want to choose the best type of roofing that is available for your climate. Consider the potential benefits of strong, sturdy and visually attractive metal roofing. Additionally, try to ensure that you have your chosen roof installed in a manner that will be likely to protect your home from the elements over the long term.

Severe weather or signs of damage might leave you needing help from a roofing contractor in Milwaukee, WI. If your home’s roof needs to be replaced, try to make sure you pick the ideal roofing material, and have it expertly and professionally installed.