You Wouldn’t Keep Your Windows Open All Year, but What About Your Roof?

April 29, 2017

When it comes to energy efficiency and protecting a home from the elements, most people think only of their windows. Yet a home can lose just as much energy from its roof, which is thefirst line of defense against inclement weather and temperature fluctuations. If your roof needs repairs or replacement, it’s important to act […]

Key Signs A Homeowner Should Be Aware Of To Know When The Roof Needs To Be Replaced

April 15, 2017

Milwaukee WI. While it is recommended to have at least two roof inspections done a year, it is also a good idea to know the signs of a failing roof yourself, so you can resolve the problem before it gets out of hand. Here are the main things to know about a roof that is […]

Questions to Ask Before You Buy a New Roof

March 25, 2017

If your house’s current roof is aging or suffering from storm damage, it may be letting you know that the time has come to call roofing contractors in Milwaukee. Perhaps you have noticed broken, cracked or missing shingles, or maybe you see indications of water leakage in your attic. Before you take the plunge and […]

Metal Roofs: Why They are the Superior Option

March 10, 2017

The next time you reach out to your roofing contractor in Milwaukee, WI, for a roof replacement, don’t just get the same old shingles you’ve grown used to. Instead, take the opportunity to upgrade your standard asphalt shingle roof into something more efficient, durable and stylish – a metal roof. While these roofs have only […]

Why You Should Speak With Your Roofing Contractor About Metal Roofs

February 24, 2017

Many homeowners are hesitant to get a metal roof over their home. The thing commonly cited as the reason for this is the fact that metal roofing tends to cost more than other materials upfront. However, if you speak with any certified roofing contractor  in Milwaukee, WI, then you will likely learn all about the […]