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The Oxford Shingle Metal Roofing System

Oxford Shingle Metal Roofing System

Oxford Shingle is the perfect solution for someone who wishes to maintain the traditional look of their home while investing in the last roof they'll ever need.

Oxford Shingle Metal Roofing System

Our Oxford Shingle is a low profile aluminum metal roofing system that emulates the classic, simple look of Slate Roofing. It offers long-lasting beauty and energy efficiency that no other material can match. The clean simple lines blend with any home and are accepted into practically any neighborhood. Many homeowners associations and architectural review boards see the Oxford Shingle in Madison as being the key to allowing their residents to enjoy the many benefits of metal roofing.

The Oxford Shingle is produced from heavy .024" thick aluminum. These fully interlocking 12" x 60" panels install quickly and form a dependable weather barrier. They are completely rust-resistant, providing clear superiority over similar steel systems.

The baked-on "Kynar/Hylar" finish is available in several different colors and provides low gloss beauty and durability as well as fade resistance and chalk resistance. It is the leader in the industry. The Oxford Shingle metal roofing system is designed with precise engineering to bring proven worry-free benefits of aluminum roofing to today's homeowners.

Oxford Shingle Metal Roofing System Oxford Shingle Metal Roofing System