Finding The "Right" Residential Metal Roofing In Southern Wisconsin Can Be Stressful…

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Walk into any "Big-Box" home improvement store and you'll find out pretty quickly that your choice in roofing is almost limitless. In fact, it can be overwhelming… not to mention stressful. The worst part, half the time you can't find anybody to answer your questions and in many cases you may know more about the roofing than they do.

At Metal Roofing Systems, we go out of our way to make sure you are getting the RIGHT roof (for your home and your budget) and we make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

To start things off, you need to ask three basic questions:

Product Guide

At Metal Roofing Systems, we guarantee you a definitive YES.

Is my roof going to be beautiful? At Metal Roofing Systems, we will match your new roof to your personal style—we carry eight different product lines and over 50 different styles and colors. That means we can—on the spot—match your new roof to your existing home with absolute precision.

Is my roof going to be durable, safe and secure? Our metal roofing systems are custom measured and custom built to your exact specifications. This ensures that your roofs will be exceptionally durable and will withstand whatever the Midwest can throw at them. All of our replacement roofs have enhanced safety features with superior and exclusive 4-way interlocking systems… proven to withstand up to 120 MPH winds.

Is my roof going to be energy efficient? Did you know that according the U.S. Department of Energy, you can lose as much energy through your roof as you do your windows. "Your home’s roof covering can contribute significantly to heat gain, and can also waste energy through conduction, especially with traditional asphalt or metal with a poly-paint coating." At Metal Roofing Systems, our roofs are coated with the most energy efficient finishes on the planet (Hyar Kynar 500) and don't just meet the Energy Star standard—they EXCEED it.

To get the answers to all your questions feel free to download our absolutely FREE—no strings attached—metal roofing systems homeowner's guide.